Ownership Changes

Ownership Changes

Below is a list of some common situations resulting in change of ownership or change in the owner status. The right column describes the documentation required to effect the changes in our records. There may be special circumstances or requirements in some situations; but this is a basic list showing the standard requirements. Luxe Energy LLC reserves the right to make special requirements if deemed necessary.

All changes must be submitted in writing and mailed to:

Luxe Energy LLC
Attn: Division Order Department
1401 17th Street, Suite 900
Denver CO 80202

Situation  A copy of the following documentation is required:
Name Change Marriage Certificate, divorce decree or other recorded legal documentation evidencing the change
Sale of an Interest Legal Instrument documenting the sale, filed in the county in which the property is located
Ownership Change due to
Divorce Interest
Complete Divorce Decree including Settlement Agreement or recorded legal instrument documenting the conveyance, filed in the county in which the property is located
Trusts/Partnerships A copy of the following documentation is required:
Ownership by
Trust or Partnership Agreement and the recorded document conveying the interest in property to the Trust/Partnership
Distribution from
Dissolution of Trust or Partnership, if applicable, and recorded conveyances to the beneficiaries
Changes in Trustees Trust Agreement and Instrument appointing successor Trustee
Joint Tenancy and One Dies Certified copy of Death Certificate of Joint Tenant
Life Estate Owner Dies Certified copy of Death Certificate of Life Estate owner
Estate Proceedings A copy of the following documentation is required:
Owner died with a Will (testate)
Probate proceedings conducted
Certified copy of Death Certificate
Order Admitting Will to Probate (recorded)
Letters Testamentary
Last Will and Testament (recorded)
Evidence of payment of debts and taxes

NOTE: A Certified copy of Probate must be filed for record in
the county(ies) where the subject property is located.

Owner died without a Will
(intestate) (Laws of Descent
and Distribution will apply)

Certified copy of Death Certificate Affidavit of Heirship (recorded)

(Affidavit must explain whether any debts or taxes were owed by the Decedent)

Bankruptcies A copy of the following documentation is required:
Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization
Order Confirming the Plan of Reorganization
Chapter 7 Order Naming Trustee of Bankruptcy Estate
Recorded conveyance (as appropriate)

• All Payees are required to provide SSN (social security number) or Tax ID number; otherwise Federal Law requries us to withhold

• All documents effecting changes in ownership MUST BE filed of record in the county where the property is located.

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